Reclaiming the word BAME (British. Black. Asian. Minority Ethnic) and making it relevant. The word itself was being misused to represent individuals across the UK as being underprivileged or in need of help. We are taking the word and using it as a term of empowerment. As we strive to take our talent to the highest heights.

Having spent the last 9 years and successfully moving British South Asian talent into the mainstream world of TV, Film, Fashion and commercials we now look to focus on moving models of all ethnicities onto the higher reaches of the entertainment world. Whilst our focus remains on shining the light on the unseen talent of ethnic minorities, we also aspire to shine the light on all talent across the UK.

Talent is a vast term. We work with models, actors, dancers as well. All of which are talented. Trained. Professional. At the pinnacle of their game.

As an agency we understand that being available to our clients’ needs is paramount to our unparalleled success. With this being the case we are open 24 hours. Always available to service our clients and their expectations.